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RevEquip: Workflow Resources

In this article, we’ll cover the four main sections of the new Billing application and provide resources for completing the related workflows.

Helpful Links

We recommend bookmarking the following links as you get started with your WebPT Billing upgrade.


Check out the Patient collection in the knowledge base for details on managing your patient accounts. 

  • Patient Account Overview: Discover the new patient account layout.
  • Ledgers: You can access the Ledger Visit and Ledger Full from the Financial section of the Patient Account.
  • Account Notes: Click on the + Note icon in the patient header to view and add Account Notes. Note: The key difference in how Account Notes function on the WebPT Billing platform is the addition of multiple Action codes. These Action codes replace the previous Status code and will remove the patient from the Account without Payment and Without Action Code report when added. The addition of Action codes allows for more detail when reporting on account resolution activity (download a full list here).


Check out the following articles/videos below to ensure your claims get out the door. Check out the Claims collection for additional workflows and process details.

  • Billing Register (Billing > Register): Review claims billed electronically and by paper.
  • Batch Billing (Billing > Batch Billing): Print paper claims.

Run these reports to ensure your claims are progressing through the billing process and not being held by the system.

  • Billing Exceptions (Reports > Billing Exceptions): This was previously referred to as the WebPT Integration Rejection Summary report. Resolving these exceptions allows the patient/charge to flow into Billing. 
  • Charge Review (Charges > Charge Review): Previously called Charge Audit, this page allows you to review your charges before they are scrubbed for billing.
  • Delayed Claims and Release Delayed Claims (Billing > Delayed Claims, Billing > Release Claim Delay)
  • Charge Updates (Reports > Charge Updates): Manage addend charges.
  • Charge Audit (Charges > Charge Audit)  

Move charges and send corrected claims.

  • Claim Indicator (Billing > Claim Indicator)
    • If you need to electronically submit a Medicare conditional claim correction, please email edi.help@webpt.com.
  • Demand Claim (Billing > Demand Claim): Reprint or resubmit previously billed claims.
  • Charge Case Transfer (Charges > Charge Case Transfer): Move charges from one case to another.


Post ERA and manual payments on account. Check out the Payments collection for additional workflows and troubleshooting steps.

Reconciliation Reports

Stay on top of all unpaid claims and payment activity on your account. Check out the A/R + Denials collection for additional accounts receivable and productivity reporting opportunities. 

  • Aging (Reports > Aging): All previous aging reports have been combined into this single report. 
  • Account Without Payment and Without Action Note (AR Follow-up > Account Without Payment and Without Action Note): Review your accounts that require follow-up. As noted above, this report has been updated to work with additional action codes instead of relying solely on “Status”. 
  • Follow-up Activity Report (AR Follow-up > Follow-up Activity Report): View the activity of any user including action code notes added and zero pays closed.
  • Account Notes (Reports > Account Notes): View all account notes adding by a specific user.
  • Payment Balancing (Payments > Payment Balancing): Balance manually posted payments.
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