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Payment Balancing Reports

There are two main reports that you can use to balance your payment posting. The report you should choose depends on your goal. 

  • My Payment Activity: This report shows what you've posted in the app, and is used to make sure your payments balance.
  • Payment Balancing: This report shows all payments posted at your practice and has multiple filter options. This report is primarily used to balance multiple payment posters totals, and as an audit for the month-end. 
Important: To restrict staff from viewing the Payment Balancing report for all Locations, WebPT created a new User Role,   Front Office Billing - EMR Access Restriction. Users that have the  Front Office Billing - EMR Access Restriction role assigned are only able to run the Payment Balancing Report for EMR Locations they have access to. To assign users to this role, navigate to Admin>Users or follow the instructions here.

My Payment Activity

This is the report that payment posters use the most because it’s the easiest to run and view. We recommend running this report daily. 

  1. Navigate to the Payments menu and select My Payment Activity. Remember: This only shows the payments you posted under your username. 

  2. Use the By field to run this report by deposit date or posting date. You can enter a specific date range that you want to run the report for or a specific batch number. When you’re happy with your parameters, click Search

  3. If you have multiple batch numbers, each report line represents a different batch. You can open the batch By Check, and it will list each payment by check number. If you want more detail by patient, you can double-click on All, and view by CPT code. 

    Note: Reports stay in the order that you posted them, with the oldest at the bottom (first posted).

Payment Balancing

The Payment Balancing report allows you to view all manual posting that occurred for the selected date range. This is the report that you would use to balance on a weekly and monthly basis and for an overall audit of all payments posted.

  1. From the Payments menu, open Payment Balancing. 
    Note: You can use the Full Access variation of this report to see payments that were posted by the RCM staff at WebPT.
  2. This report allows you to add numerous filters. Typically, we recommend running with minimal filters and then using the grouping and filtering options within the report to narrow down your view. Click Search. 
  3. You will see every payment posted for the date range selected, including payments that come over from the payment integration with WebPT EMR.

      Note: With this report, you have the ability to drill down, sort, and filter information to get to the key metrics that are important. To review how, click here.
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