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Aging Summary

WebPT Billing has numerous reports available to help manage your business. The Aging Summary is a real-time aging report that organizes your A/R by insurance.

Note: A patient’s account may be listed under multiple insurance classes. For example, a patient may be listed under Blue Cross (BX) if there are unpaid claims pending from Blue Cross, and they may also be listed in Cash Patient (CP) if they have an unpaid patient balance.

Access the Report

  1. Navigate to the Reports menu, then select Aging.
  2. Enter the desired criteria and click Search. By default, the results will be grouped by Insurance Class, other options include Insurance Code, Patient, Payer, and Provider.
  3. The results will display the charge, payment, and adjustment amounts that have been applied to each grouping (i.e., Insurance Class or Insurance Code) within your search criteria. Also shown are aging columns that indicate how long your clinic has been awaiting payment. Click on an Insurance Class Code to drill down results.
  4. On the Aging Detail page, patients with an outstanding A/R within the selected Insurance Class will display. 
    Note: Click on the Patient ID to navigate to a Patient's chart.
  5. At the end of this report, you'll be able to view the Code related to the patient's last Account Note (Action Code column) and whether the Code is an Action Code (meaning that an action was taken on the account toward resolving the balance). 
  6. Note: With this report, you have the ability to group, sort, and filter information to get to the key metrics that are important. Click here to review how.
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