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Account Ledgers

WebPT Billing includes two views of patient account ledgers: 

  1. Ledger Full 
  2. Ledger Visit 

Both ledgers are helpful tools when following up on outstanding patient accounts. Note: You can see the Adjustment Qualifier and the Adjustment Code in the CARC columns, as applicable.

To access each ledger, navigate to a patient's account page and open the Financial section. Next to Ledger Full or Ledger Visit, click Create Report.

Ledger Full

This report displays an itemized view of a patient’s account that includes both charge and payment information.

  1. Initially, the report allows you to select a date range of charges you wish to review. If you want to view all charges, you can leave the default date in the From and Thru fields, then click Search

  2. This ledger shows up to three modifiers and the PreAuth field will display if an authorization has been attached to a charge line. 

  3. To view more details regarding the payments or the billing information related to a specific charge, click on a Date of Service.
  4. In the Payments and Adjustments section, hover over the CARC column to view the description. 

Note: You are able to Print or Export a CSV file of the Ledger Full report to provide it to an attorney or patient who requests an itemized statement.

Ledger Visit

This Patient Ledger Visit report displays a Date of Service summary view of the patient’s account. The initial results of the page can also include a link to 835 (ERA) information that has been received for each paid DOS.

  1. Click on the 835 info link to view the associated check numbers.
  2. Select a Check/EFT Number to view related EOB information. There are three print options:
    1. Visit Only: Shows everything on the 835 for the patient and date of service.
    2. Patient Only: Shows everything on the 835 related to the patient.
    3. Full 835: Displays the full 835 with all patients and dates of service
  3. Once you have viewed the 835s, you can navigate back to the Patient Ledger Visit report by clicking the back arrow on your browser. To view the line item detail for a specific Date of Service, click on the Date of Service field to view the Visit Log Detail.
  4. Next, click on a Charge ID to view the Payments and Adjustments, and Claim Log details.
  5. From the Claim Log, you can see how the charge was billed using the Format Type: E = Electronically and P = Paper. 

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