Charge Audit

This page is permission-based. Only specific service types and user roles have access. Contact your admin if you need access to this page.

The Charge Audit page contains links to four worklists;

  1. Charge Review: Charges in “T” status that were recently added from the WebPT EMR and are pending review.
  2. Pended Charges: Charges in “P” status which will require a manual audit and release. Work these charges.
  3. Delayed Charges: Charges in “L” status whose billing is delayed. Claims in this status may require a manual audit or can automatically drop off this list as additional information is included in Billing.
    Important: We do not recommend working your Delayed Claims from the Charge Audit page (Delayed Charges (L)). You can locate Delayed Claims from the Billing menu and choose Delayed Claims. The Delayed Claims report allows you to organize charges by delay reason, which you cannot do from the Charge Audit - Delayed Charges (L) page.
  4. Released Charges: Charges in “B” status which are awaiting the final edit process. These charges will automatically bill overnight. This page can be largely ignored unless you need to fix a charge released that day. 

Review Charge Audit

  1. Open the Charges menu and select Charge Audit.
  2. The Charge Audit page shows all companies you have access to, and you will work each company individually. 
  3. Each of the four worklists displayed contains the Billing Status in the column header, shows the number of charges in the worklist, and the date of the oldest charge. 
Note: The charge count under the Pended Charges column will include all charges for a visit when at least one of the charges is in Pended status.
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