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Account Without Payment and Without Action Note

This report helps identify accounts that require follow-up, taking the guesswork out of A/R management. 

Accounts appear on this report if they have a balance, and

  • No payment has been posted within the number of days specified on the report, or
  • No account note with an action code has been added within the number of days specified on the report.

Account Without Payment and Without Action Note

  1. From the AR Follow-up menu, select Account Without Payment and Without Action Note
  2. The search criteria page allows you to make specifications regarding Company, Practice, Place of Service, and Number of Days. Note: The Number of Days field (required) represents the number of days since the last payment, follow-up, or Status Note on a patient’s account. Typically, this is run at 60 days. 
  3. Enter your search criteria then click Search.
  4. The report is organized into rows and columns and information is grouped by insurance class. Double-clicking on a cell in the Insurance Class column allows you to view a list of patient accounts that fit your search criteria. 
    1. Tip: Click on the Charges column header to sort highest to lowest, allowing you to work the largest buckets first. 
  5. Click on the Patient ID to open the patient's account page. 

    Note: If an Account Note with an Action Note code is added, a payment is applied (within the report's date range), or the total balance is resolved, then that account will be automatically removed from the report.
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