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Billing Register

The Billing Register displays all of the billing activity for a patient’s claims. You can view which claims went out and which format they went out in, and compare these results to what is available in your Change Healthcare portal (for electronic claims).

Access the Billing Register

  1. From the Billing menu, select Billing Register.
  2. Enter the desired Search Criteria and click Search.
    1. Method Billed: Filter by the charge billing method. Choose Batch to only include claims billed electronically or by paper through the system's automated billing process. Choose Demand to only include claims billed electronically or by paper through the Demand Claims or Claim Indicator pages (these are generally rebilled or corrected claims). Alternatively, choose Both to see all claims.
    2. From and Through Date: The date or date range you are interested in viewing.
    3. By: Select Date of Service or Billed Date. By selecting Date of Service, the report will display billing information for Dates of Service that fit the date or date range you entered. If you select Billed Date, the report will display all claims submitted for the date or date range indicated.
    4. Patient ID: Enter the patient’s Account Number. If you do not enter a patient ID, all claims for the DOS or Bill Date selected will be displayed.
    5. Include Inactive: Check the box if you need to review inactive charge data. We recommend checking this box to ensure you can view the full history for each claim as each charge has a unique ID. Let’s review an example: A therapist adds an addendum changing the charge information for a claim that has already been billed out of WebPT Billing. The claim is automatically updated and creates new charges with new charge IDs, and the previous charges are inactivated. If you don’t select Include Inactive, you won’t know that addended charges have already billed.
  3. The report displays all claim submission history and indicates if the claim was sent by paper or electronic. Note: Capario is Change Healthcare and Jopari is Workers Comp.
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