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Unassigned Payments Overview

The Unassigned Payments page allows you to add and manage patient payments in WebPT Billing. Patient payments collected in the WebPT EMR automatically flow into WebPT Billing and each payment is viewable from the Unassigned Payments page in the Patient Credits section. Unassigned payments are automatically distributed nightly to charges open to the patient based on a specific set of system rules, click here to learn more.

Beyond simply adding unassigned patient payments, there are some key workflows you can accomplish from this page. 

Add Unassigned Payments

The initial section allows you to add one or more patient payments. The page is called unassigned payments because these payments go into the patient’s unassigned balances pool before being automatically allocated by the system. Click here for instructions on adding unassigned payments.

View Payments and Balances

This table groups your payments into four categories and displays the total payments amount and the remaining unallocated, or unassigned, payment amounts, align with the balances.

Review Patient Credits

Patient credits are automatically generated when a patient payment is collected. Note: This money will sit in patient credits as an unassigned balance until allocated to the correct date of service based on the system rules

To view credits (patient payments) related to a closed month, use the View drop-down to select Non-Editable. To view deleted payments, use the View drop-down to select Inactive. 

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