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Demand Claims

Use the Demand Claims page to reprint or resubmit claims electronically that have previously billed out of WebPT Billing.

Resubmitting Charges

  1. To access the Demand Claims page, navigate to the  Billing menu, and select Demand Claims.
  2. If you don't already have a patient selected, use the Patient Search bar.
  3. From the Insurance drop-down, choose the insurance you want to rebill. The patient's payers will be listed with Primary first, then Secondary, etc. for the patient's current case. Note: When you make a selection for insurance, only line items with an outstanding balance due from that insurance will display in the lower portion of the page. 
    1. Select the Date of Service or date range for the claims that need to be resubmitted.
    2. Indicate the responsibility of the payer by using the Bill Type drop-down (i.e. primary, secondary, or tertiary).  
    3. Click Search.
  4. Check the box to indicate the service line or lines that need to be resubmitted. To Select All, click the box at the top of the column. Important: Only claims with a "Ready" Charge Status can be resubmitted.
  5. Once you've made your selections, at the bottom of the page choose Batch Claim or Demand Claim.
  6. Choosing Batch Claim will do one of two things: 

    1. Automatically create an electronic claim. You will receive a green confirmation message at the top of your screen.
    2. With the appropriate setting, Allow Override Format for Demand Claims checked on your Company page, you can accept the default payer setting or queue up paper claims to print later rather than immediately. This is helpful if you need to include attachments with the claim.

    Note: The Allow Override Format for Demand Claims setting is available to certain service levels and requires the appropriate permissions in your Company page. Contact webptbillingsupport@webpt.com to activate this setting on your account. 

      Select the Payer Group dropdown and choose from Requested Invoice, Requested CMS 1500, or Requested UB04, then click Batch Claims.

    When validation is successful, a confirmation message displays. If validation is unsuccessful, an error message will display advising you to check your payer settings.

  7. Choosing  Demand Claim allows you to print a paper claim.

    1. Select the correct Format from the drop-down. Leave Show Pending unchecked, this is a legacy feature. 
    2. When ready, click Demand Claim. You will then be prompted to print those claims if you have chosen that format. Note: The Preview Claim button displays a preview of how the claim will print. If your pop-up settings are enabled, you may receive an error message. 

    Billing Format Error
    The error below indicates the payer associated with the insurance does not allow the specific format you chose to be billed (either paper or electronic). If this is a mistake and/or if the payer does accept the claim type you're trying to bill, you can either update the payer associated with the insurance (Payer Description field) or update the Payer Settings.

    Charge Status

    Only charge lines with the status of Ready can be rebilled. Below is a table of Statuses as they display on the Demand Claim page and what they mean.

    Status Definition Billing Status
    Ready The charge can be resubmitted. R
    Payer does not accept Paper Primary Primary insurance can only be billed electronically. Change your Mode from Demand to Batch and click OK.  N/A
    Scrubbing in Progress The charge was recently batched and is in the billing queue. If the charge is not correct and needs to be edited before being rebilled, email webptbillingsupport@webpt.comand ask them to take that charge out of the billing queue B
    Claim Delayed The charge cannot be resubmitted because it is on the Claim Delay report. You must release the charge using the Release Claim Delay page before it can be rebilled using Demand or Batch.  L
    Dirty - Scrubbing Required This is a new charge that has not yet gone through the scrubbing process. You cannot submit electronically (batch) or print the claim (demand) until scrubbing is complete. D
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