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Charge Updates

The following functionality is now exclusive to Self-Service and existing RevEquip Members.

When an addendum is completed in the WebPT EMR, using the Finalize & Rebill option, most information will flow into WebPT Billing and automatically update. Notable exceptions include deleted charges and non-charged dates of service. When one of the following items is updated on the EMR note, an entry is added to the Charge Updates report:

  • Date of Service
  • CPT Code
  • Modifier
  • Units
  • Diagnosis
  • Billing Provider
  • Referring Physician
  • Location
  • Place of Service Indicator

Important: When a charge is deleted/removed on the WebPT EMR note, you must contact the individual/team that manages your A/R. You do not need to contact them if the number of units billed was reduced.

Working the Report

  1. Open the Reports menu and select Charge Updates

  2. If you have access to multiple companies, indicate the  Parent Company and Company.

  3. For users with access to multiple companies: If you do not narrow down the search results to the company you're currently logged into, working an updated charge in another company will automatically log you into that company. Be sure to change back to your preferred company once you've completed your updates. 

  4. Click Search

  5. Select the drop-down icon to view the changes made with the addendum.

    1. Each expanded entry can contain multiple rows. Focus on the Previous and New columns to identify the change. For this example, we can see that for CPT Code 97112, 1 unit was originally documented. After the addendum was finalized in the WebPT EMR, the 97112 was updated to 2 units.
  6. Navigate to the patient's account and determine if the charge has already been billed to the patient's insurance. This will determine whether a Corrected Claim for that Date of Service needs to be submitted.
  7. When are you finished working the entry and want to remove it from this worklist, click on the checkmark

  8. You will be required to enter a Note. This will appear as an Account Note for the patient. The DOS will automatically be added with the Account Note.

  9. Click Save. The entry will be removed from the list and the Note added to the patient's account. 

Bulk Close

You can also choose to bulk close items without adding an account note. This is helpful for closing entries that do not need to be worked. 

  1. Select the Dates of Service you'd like to close using the checkboxes.
  2. Click Remove.

Corrected Claim Requirements

If any charges on this report have already been billed, a Corrected Claim will need to be submitted.

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