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Charge Review (T)

This page is permission-based. Only specific service types and user roles have access. Contact your admin if you need access to this page.  

After a note is finalized and charges flow into WebPT Billing, they are placed into “T” status and are available for review in the Charge Audit -  Charge Review worklist. There are a few reasons you may want to review charges in Charge Review: 

  • Quality control: Review charges entered by therapists as a way to identify errors in coding. 
  • Identify Missing Modifiers: Ensure all appropriate modifiers are attached. Only the first three modifiers will import from the WebPT EMR.

    Note: Charges import without the GP, GO, and GN modifiers by design. These are automatically added back onto the claim before billing occurs, so you won’t need to add them manually.
  • Pending credentials for non-government payers: The Provider Credentials Required flag on the Insurance Class in WebPT Billing automatically pends charges for providers without credentials for the five main government payers (Medicare, Medicare Advantage, Medicaid, Medicare Railroad, US Department of Labor). However, for non-government payers, you need to manually select the Provider Credentials Required checkbox on the Insurance Class to pend charges for providers without credentials.

Using this page, you can manually release charges to continue the billing cycle or pend charges which will require a manual audit in the Delayed Claims worklist. Charges stay in Charge Review until they are manually released from the hold or the Pre-Audit Hold Days (Company Settings) time frame has lapsed. If the Pre-Audit Hold Days are set to 0, the charges are automatically placed in a holding tank pending the nightly charge edit and scrubbing process.

The system will automatically hold the charges if the provider’s profile does not contain the proper credentials with the Pend Reason Therapist Not [x] Certified

Working Charge Review

  1. Open the Charges menu and select Charge Audit.
    For RevServe and RevEquip Members: Open the Charges menu and select Charge Review.
  2. Review charges for each company you have access to. Click the Charge Count under the Charge Review (T) column to work this queue.
  3. Charge lines are grouped by Patient and Date of Service. If you notice anything that is incorrect or potentially needs further review, you can Pend the charges using the Select Release or Pend drop-down. 
    1. Pend: Any charges that you pend will automatically be placed in Delayed Claims.
    2. Release: Any charges you release are sent through the scrubbing process to bill.
      Note: You do not need to Release each charge individually. Charges that have not been pended will automatically be released from this queue after the hold duration set in the Pre-Audit Hold Days field on the Company page.
  4. If Pend is selected, you must also select a Pend Reason for each Date of Service.
  5. Click Save at the bottom of the window to process your selections. 

    Important: If you are working through multiple charges, make sure to Save your changes on each page before moving on to the next. All changes will be lost if you do not save. 
  6. Any charges where no action has been taken will remain in the queue until they are automatically released at the end of their hold period. To release all these charges now, follow the instructions in the Releasing Charges without Review section below.

Releasing Charges Without Review

Once your organization has been using WebPT Billing for a while and everything has been billing out correctly, you probably won't need to review charges that often. Remember, charges are released automatically after the hold period. 

  1. If you want to manually release them early, you'll need to open the Charge menu and select Charge Review. 

  2. Select the checkbox next to Location to select all locations or select checkboxes for individual locations, then click Release Charges.

Edit Charges

Charges can be edited directly on the Charge Audit - Charge Review (T) page. For example, if a member has guidelines to change a specific CPT code or edit a charge, those edits can be made here. 

  1. On the Charge Audit page, select the Charge Count under Charge Review to work this queue.
  2. For low-level audits, utilize this main screen to make edits to CPT Codes, Units, or Modifiers. For high-level audits like editing or adding charges, click Edit Visit.
    Important: A Payment Icon ( $) will display next to the Date of Service once the payment has been posted on one or more charges. On the main screen, the NC - NO CLAIM modifier will not be available. When you go into Edit Visit, the row itself will be grayed out and you will not be able to make any changes.
  3. Under Charge Detail in the Edit Visit page, enter the corrected charge into the Amount field. Once you have made your changes, click Save and you will return to the Charge Review worklist.
    1. If you need to add a charge, stay on the Edit Visit page and click the Add Charge button to fill out the new line. We recommend that the therapist add an addendum to the patient’s documentation if new charges need to be added. This ensures the documentation supports the charges billed.
    2. To remove a charge, select the checkbox under Status and click Remove Charge.
    3. Once you’ve made your changes on the Charge Detail screen, click Save.
  4. Back in the Charge Review worklist, click Add Account Note to document your actions and the note will appear on the patient’s home page under Account Notes
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