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Account Notes and Sticky Notes

There are a few methods of communication available when working with patient accounts:

Account Notes 

The Account Notes are used to document account follow-up within the clinic. This allows for better communication between the front office and the back office. WebPT EMR-integrated members now have the ability to use and view these Account Notes. Click here to learn more.

  1. To view and/or add account notes, click the View All Account Notes icon in the patient header. The patient's account note modal will populate in the middle of your screen.
  2. The modal will display any previous notes as well as give the option to add a new account note. The system includes a username and date stamp on every account note and displays the most recent note listed first.
  3. To see the full text of longer account notes, mouse over the note itself.
    Note: Relocate the modal by clicking the box and dragging the modal around to work behind it if needed. Leave the modal active when you change patients and the modal will automatically update to the new patient. If you need to resize the modal box or the note, use the controls in the bottom right. 
  4. When a new note is added, be sure to select the appropriate Note Code and Stick On options. For more information on Note Codes and Sticky notes, see the below sections. 
  5. Double-check that the information is correct before you save as a note cannot be edited once saved.  

Note Codes

The system restricts access to view notes depending on your user type (clinic staff or billing staff). The note code type you assign determines which users will be able to view the note. 

  • Action: Action codes are a set of codes viewable by ALL user types and impact AR reports. Thess code should only be used when documenting an account follow-up action that will result in the resolution of an outstanding balance. These codes drive the results on the Account Without Payment and Without Action Note report. If these note codes are used incorrectly, that report will be less effective. Download a list of all Account Note codes. Note codes that are action codes are indicated by a Yes in the Action Code column.
  • Info: This code is viewable by ALL user types. Info should be used to document something that is not related to the resolution of an account but needs to be viewable by all users. An Info note does not impact the Account Without Payment and Without Status Note report. 
  • Misc: This code is only viewable by Billing users.  

Sticky Notes 

Sticky Notes are a special type of Account Note that can be added to alert you to important information regarding an account and will display throughout WebPT Billing. Clinic and Billing users can add these notes. When creating an account note, select the note type from the Stick on drop-down. 

Types of Sticky Notes: 

  • Not A Sticky 
  • Charge 
  • Payment 

These notes will display in different parts of the system depending on your selection. For example, a Payment sticky note will display on the Batch Payments page.  Important: If a Payment Sticky Note is attached to a patient’s account, insurance payments are unable to be auto-posted from the Release 835s page. 

For example, if a patient is experiencing a financial hardship and your clinic is legally allowed to reduce the patient responsibility once the insurance has paid the claim, you will want to add a Payment Sticky Note indicating such. When the system fails to post the 835, the charges will appear on the Released 835 report. You will then have the ability to manually post the insurance payments and write-off the desired portion of the remaining balance at the same time. 

Removing a Sticky Note 

This action will only remove the "Stuck On" type that was chosen when the note was created, not the note itself. If you did not select the charge or payment type, the stuck-on option can not be removed. You have the option to remove a sticky from the modal box or from the Account Notes drop-down menu. From either area, (1) Check the box for the sticky you want to remove, then (2) click Remove Sticky

System Generated Notes

When specific actions are done, the system will auto-generate an Account Note that includes a date stamp and username. Below is a list of actions that will create an auto-generated note. 

  • Closing a Zero Pay 835s
  • Adding an “NS” to an account (NS = No Statement, primarily used if a patient is in collections and shouldn’t receive a statement). 
  • Demanding a patient statement 
  • Demanding a patient letter 
  • Updating the collection flag 
  • Updating the payment plan flag

Patient Comments

When adding or editing a patient, you can enter a patient Comment in the Internal Information section.  

The comment is visible in the Patient Information section and can be viewed by clicking on the patient’s name in the patient header. 

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