Company Page

Once your company's initial account setup has been completed, you’ll need to finish adding pertinent information. This information is key to ensuring your account functions properly. We have provided helpful information for each company setup card and process below. 


Open Company Page

  1. Navigate to Admin and select Company.
  2. Type in your Company Code and/or click Search. Each company account associated with your user name will display.
  3. Double-click on the company from the search results to open the Company page.
  4. Please complete each field as directed. 

Company Information

Complete the Company Information card. These fields must match what is listed on the W-9.

  1. Company Name: This field will be completed for you during the initial setup.
  2. Mailing Zip: A 9 digit Zip Code (xxxxx-xxxx) is required. 
  3. P.O Box: Only check this option if the clinic address listed on the W-9 is a P.O Box. 

Contact Information

Enter the desired fields for the Contact Information card.

  1. Owner Name: The name of the company’s owner (choose one individual). The owner can also be listed as a company.
  2. Owner Email: The owner’s email address.
  3. Owner Phone: The owner’s phone number.
  4. Office Contact: The main contact at the company, such as an office manager.
  5. Office Email: The main contact’s email address.
  6. Office Phone: The main contact’s phone number.
  7. Office Fax: The main contact fax number.
  8. Fax Display Name: Always select Company.
  9. Fax Display Address and Phone: Leave as Select. 

Claims Information

Complete the Claims Information card. This is the address that will appear on your paper claims when they are printed from WebPT Billing.

  1. Paper Claim Name: If the Company Name listed on the Company Information Card is 30 characters or less, leave this blank. It will default to the Company Name field. If the name is over 30 characters, enter the name of the company as it should appear on paper claims; up to 30 characters.
  2. Main Physical Address, City, State, & Zip: Most Members will leave these fields blank unless your company pay-to address is a PO box and you treat patients at their home. In these instances, ANSI requires a full physical address and that should be added here.
  3. Company NPI: Leave blank unless special formatting is required, such as for DME.
  4. Medicare Type: Select from the below list.
    1. CORF: Comprehensive Outpatient Rehab Facility (Part A) specializing in Social Work, PT, and Speech Therapy.
    2. ORF: Outpatient Rehab Facility (Part A) specializing in PT, OT, and Speech Therapy.
    3. PTPP: Private practice (Part B)
  5. Submitter ID: Enter the Group Submitter ID if contracted through Noridian and located in AZ, ID, UT, WA, or WY.
  6. Clearinghouse Website: Add a clearinghouse hyperlink to the Rejections Dashboard task.
  7. Allow Conditional Billing: This feature is currently unavailable.
  8. PTPN: Check this box if you’re part of PTPN. This checkbox, plus the related Insurance Class flag, ensure copies of the appropriate claims are sent to PTPN.
  9. No Zero Unit Validation: Enabling this setting allows users to enter charges with zero units on the Add Charges page. Typically, this box is left unchecked.

Patient Statement Information

Complete the Patient Statement card information. If you would like your patient statements to list each location, from the Statement Header Information drop-down, choose Use Location. If you select Use Company, your statements will be sent with company information.

  1. Company Statement Name: The company name as it should appear on patient statements.
  2. Statement Return Address Same as Company: Check this box to return undeliverable patient statements to the Company address. Checking this box automatically populates the Statement Return Address fields. Otherwise, leave this box unchecked and enter the Statement Return Address details manually.
    1. Statement Return Address: Only fill out if the “Statement Return Address Same as Company” checkbox is not checked.
    2. Statement Return City: Only fill out if the “Statement Return Address Same as Company” checkbox is not checked.
    3. Statement Return State: Only fill out if the Statement Return Address Same as Company checkbox is not checked.
    4. Statement Return ZIP: Only fill out if the Statement Return Address Same as Company checkbox is not checked.
  3. Statement Phone: The number that patients can call to make a payment.
  4. Statement Phone Ext: The phone extension that a patient needs to enter to make a payment.
  5. Statement Header Information: If the Statement Header Information field is set to Use Company, then the Statement Return Address fields are required. If the Statement Header Information field is set to Use Location, then the Statement Return Address fields on the Location pages are required.
  6. Number of Batch Statements: Select the number of patient statement batches that should be available on a monthly basis (1, 2, or 4). Batches are grouped by Responsible Party's Last Name and are reflected by a Batch drop-down on the Patient Statements page.
  7. Preferred Statement Date: Leave blank. This field has been added for a future product enhancement and does not have any current functionality.
  8. Credit Card Type: Select CC if your company accepts credit cards. Select NC if your company does not accept credit cards.
  9. Finance Charge Effective Date: If you plan to charge the patient a finance charge, enter today’s date.
  10. Interest Rate: The percentage of interest to be charged, if applicable. For example, enter 1.5 to signify 1.5% interest.
  11. Minimum Age to Apply Finance Charge: The number of days after the Date of Service to start charging interest.
  12. Maximum Finance Charge: Leave as $9,999.99
  13. Finance Rate Ceiling: Leave as $99.99
  14. Small Balance Adjustment Amount: Enter the patient balance amount that your company will write off each month as a courtesy to patients. This only occurs if the insurance balance is zero or less. Otherwise, leave blank. Click here to learn more.
  15. Small Balance Adjustment Code: The reporting code to attach to any Small Balance Adjustment that will automatically adjust off.
  16. Statement Note: Enter any statement you want to appear on all patient statements.
  17. 90 Days Letter: Leave unchecked.
  18. Apply Finance Charges: If your company charges interest (Finance Charge Effective Date and Interest Rate fields must be filled out), check this box in order to actually apply the setting. If you complete the finance charge information but don’t check this box, your finance settings won't be applied. 

Company Settings

Enter the desired fields for the Company Settings card.

  1. PreAudit Hold Days: The number of days time that charges will be held on the Charge Review page for edits. After this time period, the charges will be scrubbed. If left blank, your charges will be automatically put into the scrubbing queue and you won't have the opportunity to review them prior to billing. Important: Weekends are counted within the hold days.
  2. Minimum Days to Hold Payment: The number of days that a patient payment should remain unassigned (unless automatically assigned per allocation rules) before following the systematic payment assignment process. This field defaults to 30 days if left blank. Click here to learn more about patient payment distribution.
  3. Re-Age Charges: If this is checked, the age of each charge will be reset to the date when the balance was forwarded to the next responsibility (secondary, patient due, etc.). It is uncommon to check the Re-Age Charges box, as this impacts the aging bucket the charge is in and changes how you manage reporting.
  4. Accrual Accounting: Ensures your payments and adjustments related to a closed month cannot be modified. This is crucial for accounting purposes and ensuring clean monthly data. It is uncommon to uncheck this box. 
  5. Show Patient Previous ID: Leave unchecked, this is a legacy functionality. 
  6. Transaction Supply Charges: Checking this box allows users to edit the charge amount on the Add Charges page for any procedure codes related to any Revenue Center Codes marked as Edit Charge. If you want users to be able to edit charge amounts, check this box.
  7. Patient Email Required: This field makes patient email required. We recommend leaving this unchecked. 


This card only applies to the states of Minnesota and Hawaii, please move on to the next step if you are not located in one of these states.

  1. Tax Percent: The state tax rate 
  2. Tax Procedure Code: Enter as follows:
    1. Minnesota = MNCARE
    2. Hawaii = SALESTA
  3. Excise Tax Percentage: The excise tax rate (Hawaii only)
  4. Excise Tax Procedure: Enter SALESTA 

IP Access

IP Access is granted on a per-user basis. Do not fill out the IP Access card.

On the Logo card, click Upload Logo to add your company’s logo if desired. The logo appears on the patient receipts printed from WebPT Billing.


After all of the required and desired information has been entered, click Save.

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