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Billing Status

Depending on how a charge is added to WebPT Billing and where a charge is in the billing cycle, it is assigned a different status. Understanding the billing cycle and what each Billing Status means is important when following up on unpaid claims.

Billing Status

T Charges that have entered into Billing from the WebPT EMR. These charges are pending an optional review on the Charge Review page.
D Charges released from Charge Review or have been manually entered into the application. These charges are in a holding tank pending the nightly charge-edit and scrubbing process.
P Pended charges that need additional manual auditing after the automated scrubbing process. Charges can also be manually placed into this status. You can locate these charges on the Pended Charges worklist.
L A charge whose billing is delayed. Review the Delayed Claims report.
B Charges pending the final edit process.
C Charges that have finished the scrubbing process and are ready to bill.
R Charges that have been billed. These charges can be re-billed using Demand Claims.
0 Charges that have a zero balance.

To locate the Billing Status of a charge:

  1. Open the Ledger Full from the patient’s account page. 

  2. Click on a Date of Service to expand the Ledger Details. In the Charges group, look for the Billing Status column. 

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