Incomplete Constants: Procedure Codes

The following functionality is exclusive to Self-Service Members. If you are a RevEquip Member and need to make changes to a Procedure code, submit the changes to

Admins have the ability to set up and edit Procedure Codes for proper claim submission and payment posting. 

  1. From the Admin menu, select Incomplete Constants.
  2. Select the Search Criteria, then click Search.

    For users with access to multiple companies : If you do not narrow down the search results to the company you're currently logged into, opening an incomplete constant in another company will automatically log you into that company. Be sure to change back to your preferred company once you've completed your updates.

  3. From the search records shown, click the Count number for the Procedures line.
  4. From the records shown, click the Procedure Code for the record you wish to work. 
  5. On the Procedure Code Edit screen, the following information must be entered.
    1. Procedure Code: Update this field to match the Alternative Procedure Code, unless your clinic uses Custom CPT codes. Note: This field is for internal tracking only. The Alternate Procedure Code is what appears on your claims.
    2. Procedure Description: This should be the actual description from the CPCS or CPT book (if this is a code you are billing to insurance). The description can be shortened if necessary.
    3. Revenue Center: If this field is not populated by default, use the search icon to the revenue center for the code. Click here for a list of commonly used Revenue Centers. Click here to learn more about Revenue Centers.
    4. Standard Charge Amount: Enter the amount you’d like to charge for this procedure code.

    Note: Use the  Never Bill checkbox for procedure codes that you do not want to bill to insurance or patient. These are typically codes used to track specific internal programs.

  6. In this example, the Procedure Code and the Standard Charge Amount were the Incomplete Constants. Enter the missing information and click Save. This will complete the constant and automatically remove it from the worklist. 

What causes a Procedure Code to appear on Incomplete Constants? 

A procedure code will appear on the Incomplete Constants report if the following fields are left blank: 

  • Procedure Code 
  • Description
  • Revenue Center 
  • Charge Amount (blank or $0.00)
  • Medicare Allowable Amount
  • Procedure Type 

Note: The Medicare Allowable Amount can be $0.00. The Charge Amount cannot be $0.00.

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