Revenue Centers

Most users do not have access to the Revenue Centers page, if you need access to this page, please reach out to your Admin.

Revenue Centers are used to group like Procedure Codes together and can apply two global settings to all related charges. These settings determine (1) if the charges count as a visit in Billing reporting and (2) if a user can edit the CPT Code charge amount on the Add Charges page. Default Revenue Centers are included in your account, and most Members leverage these defaults and their settings.

Common Default Revenue Centers

Code Description Reason Rules
1 Evaluation Codes Use for Evaluation Codes Count Visit
2 Procedure Codes Please check HCPCS Coding Book: This is used for general PT codes Count Visit
3 Modalities Please check HCPCS Coding Book: This is used for general PT codes Count Visit
4 Supplies Supply Codes: Do not use with L Codes (Use 14 for L Codes) -
5 Re-evaluation Re-evaluation Codes Count Visit
7 Missed Appointments/Cancelled Appointments/No Shows Any Missed or No Show Appointment Charge -
8 Fitness Programs Cash-based Fitness Programs Count Visit
8 Special Programs Any Programs, such as Wellness Packages, etc. Count Visit, Allow CPT Edit
9 Administrative HMO Code Postage, Admin Fees -
10 Medical Records Medical Record Charges -
12 Tax Sales tax charge - only used for states that charge tax (i.e. Minnesota). Allow CPT Edit
14 HCPCS L Codes Splints: L Codes Only Count Visit
19 Miscellaneous Admin Use Only Allow CPT Edit
20 Finance Charges Interest Charge Revenue -

Revenue Centers

  1. Click Charges, then select Revenue Centers. 
  2. Click New
  3. Type in the Revenue Center Code and Revenue Center DescriptionA. Count Visit: When selected, a flag is added to the system and will report any procedure codes tied to this Revenue Center as a visit (in Visit reports). Codes like Supplies would not count as a visit if selected.
    B. Allow CPT Edit: Allows the user to edit the charge amount for any procedure codes added to this Revenue Center on the Add Charges page of Error Corrections.
    C. Is Active: Uncheck the box to deactivate a Revenue Center Code.
  4. Click Save at the bottom right corner.
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