Incomplete Constants

In order to make billing consistent and efficient, WebPT Billing uses records referred to as Constants. When information is sent from the WebPT EMR, you may need to complete certain fields for these constants before your charges are scrubbed and billed. This typically occurs when items flow into WebPT Billing for the first time. Any constants with missing information appear on the Incomplete Constants report. Because this information must be updated for billing to occur, we recommend working this report daily.

Let's review the types of constants that will appear on this worklist:

To view and update your incomplete constants:

  1. Navigate to Admin and select Incomplete Constants.
  2. If you have access to multiple companies, indicate the Parent Company and Company. 
  3. For users with access to multiple companies: If you do not narrow down the search results to the company you're currently logged into, opening an incomplete constant in another company will automatically log you into that company. Be sure to change back to your preferred company once you've completed your updates. 
  4. Click Search. The results will be displayed in the area below.
  5. To work on a specific incomplete Data Type, click on the corresponding Count. For this example, we are going to work an incomplete Procedure Code. 
  6. Once you’ve drilled down, locate the entry you want to work and click on the corresponding code to drill down again.
  7. On the Edit screen, complete missing required fields and any other desired fields.
  8. Click Save. The constant is now complete and will automatically be removed from the worklist.
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