Charge Audit Summary

The Charge Audit Summary displays all charges entered in WebPT Billing during the time period selected, regardless of current status

Let’s review how to access and filter the report.

  1.  Navigate to the Charges menu and select Charge Audit Summary.
  2. Enter your search criteria.
  3. Complete the required and desired fields to generate the report.
    1. The Company defaults to the company you’re currently logged into. Use the drop-down menu to select a different company.
    2. Narrow your report results by selecting a Practice and Location. Otherwise, you can leave these fields set to all. 
    3. Further narrow your report results by selecting the Date Type, which is by Posting/Created Date or Date of Service. 
    4. Select a From and Through date. You can enter today’s date by typing 00 in the date field. Note: The date range cannot exceed 31 days.
  4. Once the required and desired search criteria information is complete, click Search.
  5. Results display below for each Date of Service.
  6. You have the option to filter what displays in the list by clicking the filter icon next to the column header.
  7. Then, select the items you want to filter by and click Filter.
  8. You can sort the list by descending or ascending order. To do this, click on the column header and it will change the order of the list.

  9. You can also change the order of the columns by dragging and dropping the column headers in the order you’d prefer.

  10. Finally, to drill down into the details, you can click on the arrow in the Company column for each patient in the list.
    1. This will display the CPT Codes charged to the patient for that Date of Service with Units, Amount Charged, Billing Provider, Treating Provider, Location, Primary/Secondary/Tertiary Insurance, Diagnosis Codes, and Patient Status.
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