Account, Date of Service, and CPT Combination was Not Found

The Account, Date of Service, and CPT combination was not found error typically appears when something was made inactive in WebPT Billing. The easiest way to locate the inactive item is through the Error Corrections page. This is a soft alert, which means the payment was posted to the patient's account, however, corrections may be required. Note: This error often results in needing to complete an insurance overpayment refund on the Unassigned Payments page. 

Scenario: Addendum Completed, Date of Service Changed

Let's review how to resolve the error when the Date of Service was made inactive.

  1. First, search for the patient using the Patient Search bar.
  2. Once a patient has been selected, navigate to the Payments menu and select Error Corrections.

  3. Enter the Date of Service and/or Charge ID you’re researching. Check the Show Inactives box, then click Search.

  4. Results show that the Date of Service is completely grayed out. This indicates that all charges for the DOS are inactive. So the insurance is paying for a date of service that isn’t active.
  5. Next, you’ll need to determine why this date of service is inactive. Start by navigating to the patient’s account and reviewing their Account Notes. Note: Account notes like this one can be added when working the Charge Updates report, as is shown in the example.
  6. If the Date of Service was inactive for reasons such as the Therapist completed an addendum and changed the date of service, you’ll need to complete an insurance overpayment for that paid date of service.
Important: When adding the overpayment on the unassigned payments page, be sure to use the same deposit date you used when releasing the 835 file.

Account Not Found?

If you receive this alert while in Onboarding and cannot locate the patient's account in WebPT Billing, it's likely that these payments need to be applied in your previous billing software.

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