Unbilled Aging

Locate any charges that have not been billed to help determine their status and the correct course of action. Note: Each aging bucket is in Days. 

  1. Navigate to the Billing menu and select Unbilled Aging.
  2. Designate the Parent Company, Company, and By fields. Click Search.
  3.  The results will display below showing the charge detail and Owed Amount.

Analyze Aging

Depending on your company’s policies, procedures, and Charge Review timeframe, there are certain aging buckets that you might want to pay more attention to.

To view the aging of unbilled charges:

  1. Click View in the corresponding aging column that corresponds to the company you want to view. For this example, we’ll use the 4-7 Detail column. These are charges that are 4-7 days old and haven't billed yet.
  2. The new page groups charges within the aging bucket by Insurance Class Code. To see more detailed information, click the Insurance Class Code. Let’s select MC for Medicare.
  3. The results will show all charges within that aging bucket AND insurance class that have yet to be billed. Also included in each entry is a link to the patient’s account.

  4. The Status column shows which part of the billing cycle the charge is in. This always dictates where the charge is located in the system. Click here for more information. 
Status Definition and Location
T Charges that have entered into the system through an integration (like the WebPT EMR). These charges are pending an optional review on the Charge Review page.
D Charges released from Charge Review or have been manually entered into the application. These charges are in a holding tank pending the nightly charge-edit and scrubbing process.
P Pended charges that need additional manual auditing after the automated scrubbing process. Charges can also be manually placed into this status. You can locate these charges on the Charge Audit worklist.
L A charge whose billing is delayed. Review the Delayed Claims report.
B Charges pending the final edit process.
C Charges that have finished the scrubbing process and are ready to bill.
R Charges that have been billed. These charges can be re-billed using Demand Claims.
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