Diagnosis Code (Billing Exception)

Typically, a Dx Code XXXXXX cannot find lookup value rejection on the Billing Exceptions worklist is caused by an inactive diagnosis code. Let’s review how to resolve this error. 


Start by confirming if a diagnosis is active or inactive.

  1. Begin by going to Admin and select Diagnoses
  2. Check the Include Inactive box, and use the search criteria or click Search to view all diagnosis codes. 
  3. The Status column will show if a code is active or inactive. 
  4. If the code is active, email webptbillingsupport@webpt.com to allow support to further investigate the issue. Please provide the diagnosis code and the related patient account. 
  5. If the code is inactive, re-activate it by double-clicking on the code itself. 
  6. Check the Is Active box. 
  7. Click Save
  8. Return to the Billing Exceptions report and reprocess the exception(s) for that procedure code.
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