Month End Procedures

Ensure all payments and adjustments have already been posted in WebPT Billing for the month prior to closing. Depending on how detailed your organization is when you balance your books, some Members also ensure that all notes for the month being closed have been finalized in the WebPT EMR and the charges successfully transmitted to WebPT Billing. You have up until the 14th day of the next month to close the month. We’ve found that the majority of our Members close on the 10th day of the new month.

RevEquip: Email when you’re ready to close the month. You will be able to continue your monthly tasks the following business day.

To download a PDF version of the slides, click here. Note: The downloaded slides will not include the step-by-step video on how to close out your Month End, please review the steps below.

Closing the Month End (Self-Service)

  1. Navigate to Admin and select Month End.
  2. To schedule the Month-End, click New.
  3. Choose the Company, Month, and Year from the drop-downs. Note: Be sure to select the correct month you want to close out, as this field defaults to the next month.
  4. Select Save.
  5. The scheduled month-end run appears below and will run overnight. Use the Cancel icon to cancel the run request.
  6. Once the month-end is closed, a Successful Execution message appears with the Start and End times documented.
  7. Once you've completed these steps, go to Analytics to run your month end reports.

What happens when the month is closed?

  • The system looks for all payments posted with a deposit date within the month and locks those fields. This means that payments and adjustments made during that month cannot be updated or deleted. You will need to create negative payments or adjustments to fix any errors.
  • Charges are not locked down, so therapists can continue to make addendum's, etc.
  • The month-end runs the same night as it’s requested.
  • Month-end reports will be automatically populated with data from the closed month. Note: These reports are a static snapshot of the data when the month was closed and can always be reviewed later. You can view these reports in the Month End section of your Analytics.
  • Patient Payments in Unassigned Payments with a current deposit date will not transfer to an open patient balance if the previous month-end has not been closed.
  • Support uploads your patient statement file to Waystar for you to review and submit.
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