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Credit Balances

This report is used by RevEquip and Self-Service Members.

Use this report to easily audit accounts that contain insurance and/or patient credits. This report should be analyzed before processing any insurance or patient refunds. Important: This report only includes transactions through yesterday. Balances will not be updated for anything posted during the current day, it’s best to work this report in the morning.

1. Navigate to AR Follow-Up and select Credit Balances

2. The report automatically displays all results for the company you’re logged into.

3. To prioritize accounts, we recommend sorting by the Insurance Balance, Patient Balance, or Balance (Total Balance) columns in descending (largest to smallest) order. To do this, click once on the column header. 

4. Click the Patient ID to further research the credit balances on the patient home.

Accounts with credit balances should be worked in the following order: 

1. Insurance Balance 

a. Medicare/Federal (Work patient credit balances for these insurances at the same time.

b. All other insurances

2. Patient Balance

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