Reset 835s

The following functionality is now exclusive to Self-Service and existing RevEquip Members.

Resetting an 835 removes all payments and adjustments on the charges related to the ERA. It automatically returns the file to an unreleased status so it can be released again. This is especially helpful in situations where an 835 was incorrectly applied to multiple charges, thus eliminating the need to address each charge individually. 

  1. Open the Payments menu and select Reset 835s.
  2. The Company field is populated with the company name you are logged into. To reset an 835 for another company, you must switch to that company in order to proceed. Enter the 835 Key(s) in the Enter 835(s) field. You can locate the key number on the Released 835s page. Once you've entered the key(s) and click Search.  
    Important: Do not enter the check number in this field. 
  3. Each 835 entry can be expanded to display additional information including Check Number, Charge ID, Patient ID, Total Charge Amount, Payment Amount, and Adjustment Amount. 
  4. Select the checkbox for the appropriate 835 Key(s) from the search results and click Reset.
     Note: If the 835 has been reset, the Released Date field will be blank.
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