Provider Summary Report

This report allows you to review information about individual providers. For each provider, you can view the number and type of visits, the number and type of timed units, charges, payments, adjustments for the visits, and other information. The information can be manipulated by a designated time period and can be broken down by location. The average payment for fully-paid visits is generated to reflect a provider’s productivity. This report can be used to:

  • Review, per provider or location, the timed units and average payment within an insurance class.
  • Determine if a provider’s timed units per visit are low.

Accessing the Provider Summary Report

  1. From the Reports menu, select Provider Summary.
  2. To run the report, a selection must be made for each Search Criteria.
    1. Provider Type
      1. Treating: The provider who treated the patient, this could be an assistant.
      2. Billing: The provider that the charges were billed under. A billing provider is a person credentialed or authorized to have medical claims sent on their behalf for this patient and payer. This could be the same as the Treating provider.
    2. Summarize By
      1. Location: The provider number will be displayed under each location that they performed the treatment.
      2. Provider: The provider number displays on one line with the provider’s name and includes all locations where treatment was provided.
  3. After selecting your criteria, click Search to view your results.

If the Credential field is blank for a provider, it's an indication that the provider's setup has not been fully completed. 

  • RevServe and RevEquip users: Send the missing information to
  • Self-Service users: Contact your admin if you need to add provider credentials. If you are the admin, please follow these instructions to update the provider. 

Report Column Descriptions

Columns listed below with a blue background can be double-clicked to display more detailed information.

Column Description
Location Where services were rendered
Provider Who provided the services
Credential Provider’s professional credentials
Evaluations The number of Initial Evaluations
Re-Evaluations The number of Re-Evaluations
Visits A group of charges for a unique case, provider, location and Date of Service
Total Units Total number of units for the provider
Timed Units Total number of units tied to Timed Procedure codes*
Charges Total amount billed for the charges
Payments Payment received, by deposit date
Adjustments Total adjustments taken, by deposit date
Charges/Visits Average dollar amount charged per visit
Timed Units/Visit Average time units per visit
Average Payment/Fully Paid Visit Average payment posted per visit that is fully-paid (excludes partially paid visits)
Insurance Class The insurance class the charges are associated with

*CPT codes included in the Timed Units field

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