Integrated Payments

Let's review how patient payments posted in the WebPT EMR flow into WebPT Billing. We’ll also review which reports can be used to manage payments.


Clinic Settings

  1. In the WebPT EMR, select your clinic name in the top-right corner of the application.
  2. From the drop-down menu, click Clinic Settings. 
  3. Locate the Billing Application Settings section and select the On radio button for "Send Patient Payment Information to Billing Application".
  4. Place a checkmark next to each payment type that you want to integrate with WebPT Billing. The available payment types are Copay, Deductible, Wellness, Supplies, Other, Coinsurance, and Payment on Account. Note: Payments collected with Payment on Account charge type automatically apply to the patient's outstanding balance, ignoring the standard payment allocation rules.

Note: You’ll need to complete these steps for each integrated clinic.

Taking Payments in the WebPT EMR

When a payment is marked as Paid in WebPT and the transaction is Saved, the payment information is sent to WebPT Billing. Remember: only the Charge Types selected in the Clinic Settings will flow over. Click here to learn about collecting patient payments. Note: If you collect a patient payment with a 0.00 for Amount Due, this payment appears on the Billing Exceptions report.

Important: Payments marked as Internal Payment will not flow into WebPT Billing. If using the Internal Payment option, ensure you exclude that dollar amount when balancing patient payments.

What information is and isn't transferred?

All payment information flows into WebPT Billing except for who entered the payment. The User or Collected by field will display Integration Import, Not mapped to a user in Billing reports.

Patient Payments in WebPT Billing

Once the payment has been passed through the integration, it will appear in the  Financial section on the patient’s account. This will show the sum of all patient payments regardless of case, not an itemized list.

For an itemized list of payments, open the Statement and Payments section, and locate the Patient Payment Log. The log displays a detailed view of each payment line, including the payment type and deposit date. You also have the option to group or filter payments.

Claims Feed Report

View patient payments in the Claims Feed Report (Reports > Claims Feed Report) by selecting Transmission from the Reconciliation Mode drop-down.

Failed Payments

Any payment transaction that failed to export will appear on the Claims Feed Report. For example, if you enter a payment with a Type that was not selected under your Clinic Settings, an entry will appear with a Status of Not Sent.

Billing Exceptions Report

Added/Updated/Deleted Payments: Closed Month

When payments are added, updated, or deleted in the WebPT EMR, those changes automatically flow into WebPT Billing, unless they are tied to a closed month. These payments will appear on the Billing Exceptions report. To add or correct these payments, you'll need to create an adjustment in the current month. Follow these instructions.

Payment Integration Workflow

You can review suggested workflows here.