Access RevFlow EMR Notes and Scanned Documents

Once your company and clinic locations have migrated to the WebPT EMR, you may still want to access your old clinic notes and other scanned documents. All of these items have been conveniently stored in the new WebPT Billing application for easy access.

Access Notes and Scanned Documents

  1. Use Patient Search to navigate to the patient’s account.
  2. From the Patient Account menu, click Medical Record. Alternatively, you can scroll down to the tab instead.
  3. Clinical Notes are organized under the Output Reports header and grouped by case. Scanned Documents contains files that were manually uploaded in RevFlow, including authorizations and insurance cards.
  4. To view documentation, use the down arrow to open a case.
  5. For a single note, simply double-click the entry to open. For multiple notes (or to print any number of notes), use the checkbox next to each entry to select.
  6. Once checked, click Print.

How do I do an addendum on a note that was completed in RevFlow EMR?

Your RevFlow EMR documents will be available in WebPT Billing in PDF format. If you need to addend one of these notes, you’ll need to print it out, write in your addendum, sign, and upload to the patient’s WebPT EMR eDocs. Then, make any needed adjustments to the charges manually directly in WebPT Billing or email your WebPT RCM team.

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