Documentation: NORCM Billing (SOAP 1.0)

Occasionally, you may provide therapy services to a patient and choose not to send those charges to your WebPT Billing team. In order for those charges to be ignored by the billing integration, you will need to enter a custom CPT code in the billing section of the note. 

This method should be used in lieu of the "No Charges This Visit" button because:

  • This note will count as a visit (ensures alignment with prescribed/authorized visit use)
  • This note is required to satisfy the Progress Note Needed alert
  • You want to document the treatment provided

Important: This functionality is only available for SOAP 1.0 documentation. 

Documenting NORCM Billing

  1. While completing billing on the Billing tab of an evaluative note or the Objective tab of a daily note, check the Custom Code box in the Untimed Codes section (do not enter it into the Timed Codes section).
  2. Enter NO RCM BILLING for the Custom CPT Description and NORCM in the CPT # field. 
    Note: You must enter the NORCM code with all capital letters in the Untimed Codes section. If you enter the code into the Timed Codes section it will not function.

  3. Finalize your note. This is how the code should appear in the finalized documentation.
  4. Please note that this custom code will be carried forward automatically on all subsequent notes. If billing should be performed by your WebPT billing team then you will need to manually remove this code.

Claims Feed Report

On the Claims Feed Report in the WebPT EMR, the entry will have a status of Not Sent.

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