Suspend Account Adjustment - Best Practices

Through years of experience in managing account receivables for therapy practices across the country, WebPT has developed a series of best practices in A/R management.

Suspend Account Adjustment

In WebPT Billing, the Suspend Adjustment has an important role in the management of collections and A/R. This function allows us to remove an account from the current working A/R. You always have the ability to view accounts that have been moved to a Suspend status and accounts can be moved back to the working A/R.

An example of when you would move an account to a Suspend status is if an account was pending a retro authorization. Until that authorization is received, the account is not payable, and there is no follow-up needed. By “suspending” this account until the authorization is received, this account will be removed from the working A/R and allow you to focus on collectible accounts.

To move an account to a Suspend status, in the Add Adjustments page, select the ASUS adjustment code.

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