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Unassigned Payments: Add/Delete Patient Payments

Because patient payments are automatically allocated based on Date of Service, you typically do not need to add one-off patient payments. If you do need to add a patient payment, you can follow these steps. 

  1. Open the Payments menu and select Unassigned Payments.

  2. If needed, select a patient using the Patient Search box.
  3. Start by entering the Deposit Date.
  4. You can also complete the following fields as needed: Payment Method, Check/Credit card Number, Batch, and Comments, but these are not required.
  5. Next, enter the Date of Service (if applicable), Transaction Type, Payment Code, Insurance, Amount, Provider, and Location.
  6. To add another payment line, click Add.
  7. Repeat Steps 5 + 6 as needed. Note: when using this method to post multiple payment lines, all payments will have the same Deposit Date, Payment Method, Auth/Check #, Batch Number, and Comments.
  8. Verify that the Total field equals the amount you are trying to post.
  9. Click Add.
  10. Your payments will appear in the Patient Credits section at the bottom of the page and will be automatically allocated based on a specific set of rules.

Deleting Patient Payments

You can delete a patient payment by clicking the checkbox next to a payment line in the Patient Credits section and then selecting the  Delete button. The entire payment is removed from the account. This includes removing it from the charge lines if the payment has already been allocated onto charges with a patient balance, and removing any remaining balance out of Unassigned Payments.

Note: Once the previous month is closed, payments cannot be removed using this method. Instead, you'll need to open the Error Corrections page and transfer the patient payment back to unassigned payments.

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