Automated Small Balance Adjustments

To increase efficiency when adjusting small balances due by the patient, you can use the Small Balance Adjustment action. This process allows you to set a defined dollar amount for patient responsibility, where any balance equal or below that amount is adjusted to zero and given the selected Small Balance Adjustment Code. This process must be done for each clinic individually.


Let’s review how to set up the balance adjustment amount and code fields.

  1. Navigate to the Admin menu and select Company

  2. Search by Company Name or Company Code, then click Search.
  3. Double-click on the Company to open.
  4. Locate the Patient Statement Information section.                                  
  5. Enter in the dollar amount that you’d like to automatically adjust and select the Small Balance Adjustment Code you’d like to apply to these adjustments from the drop-down menu. 

  6. Click Save.
  7. Once these fields are defined, the small balance adjustment process will run on the last calendar day of the month, looking for patients that fit the following criteria:
    1. The balance due by the payer is less than or equal to zero, AND
    2. The statement balance due by the patient is less than or equal to the Small Balance Adj Amt.

    Note: Patient balances that fit the above stipulations will show adjustments that bring the service lines to zero. 

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