Setting: "Do not send batch statement to patient"

All patient accounts will receive a monthly statement if there is a patient balance due unless the statements are manually stopped. This is done by indicating “NS” (No Statement) on the account. Once an “NS” is placed, statements for that account will not generate until it is manually removed.

Patient Statement Checkbox

  1. Navigate to a patient’s account page.
  2. Select Edit Patient positioned at the bottom.
  3. In the Patient Information section, look for Billing Information. 

  4. Check the entry for Do not send batch statement to patient.
  5. Click Save.

No Patient Statement Listing Report

  1. Navigate to Billing No Patient Statement Listing

  2. Indicate the desired Company and decide if you want to see accounts that have a zero balance. 

  3. This report displays all the accounts that are set to not receive any statements. We recommend that you review this report periodically to ensure that all patients who should be receiving monthly statements for their balance are. 

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