Demand Statement

Patient statements run on a monthly basis after your office has closed month-end. However, you are able to print a patient statement at any time.

Note: Demanding a statement will create an Account Note on the patient's account. 

Demand Statement

  1. From the patient’s account, open the Financial section, locate Demand Statement, and then click Create Report

  2. The application allows you to specify a date range for your patient statement so that you can isolate specific Dates of Service to be included. To include all open charges, leave the default From and Thru dates.

  3. After you click Search, the patient’s statement displays. 

Important: The Demand Statement is real-time, meaning the balance may be different from the month-end statement mailed to patients. This can be due to additional payments and adjustments applied to the account. You cannot reprint a month-end statement that was mailed to the patient.

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