Patient Statements

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The Patient Statements feature allows you to create and export patient statement information for a clinic over a period of time. The exported file can then be sent to your statement vendor and/or clearinghouse to process monthly billing. This article will cover each of the following topics:

  1. Run Patient Statements
  2. Reset Patient Statements
  3. Review/Upload Patient Statements in Waystar
  4. Omit Patient Statements in Waystar 

Need to update your statement information? Check out instructions here.

Run Patient Statements

  1. From the Billing menu, select Patient Statements
  2. In the Run Patient Statements section, enter the following information:

    1. Statement Date: The date the statement is exported from WebPT Billing.
    2. Message Date: The final payment posting date you select. The Message date will appear on the bottom of the statement advising the patient that all payments received before that date were posted to their account. 
    3. Select Month: Defaults to the previous month. 
    4. Select Year: Defaults to the current year. 
    5. Available Companies: Search by company name or company code. NOTE: Once you export the data for a company for a selected Month and Year, the company will no longer be listed in the Available Companies dropdown for the remainder of the month unless you Reset Patient Statements.
    6. Batch: If you have opted to run patient statements in batches (see Patient Statement Information on the Company Page), the Batch statement option will appear. Select the alphabetical batch to run from the drop-down. Batches are grouped alphabetically by Responsible Party's last name. Note: Statements will generate more quickly if the batching feature is used.

      Note: Do not change the number of batches unless all/none of the statements have been generated for the most recent month. 
    7. Test File: Allows you to preview the file before exporting the data. 
    8. Payright Format: Check this box if you use Payright as your patient statement vendor. 
  3. Once you’ve made your selections, click Run Patient Statements.
  4. The file will appear in your browser’s download bar at the bottom of the screen. Save the file to your computer where you can readily access. This is the file you will use to Review Statements in Waystar.

Reset Patient Statements

WebPT Billing allows you to run Patient Statements once a month. If you need to run a statement again, you must first reset it.

  1. In the Reset Patient Statements section, select the Month and Year of the statement you wish to reset. Select the appropriate company from the Choose Companies to Reset dropdown and click Reset Patient Statements
  2. After you complete the reset, the company should reappear in the Available Companies dropdown for the Run Patient Statements card above.

Review/Upload Patient Statements in Waystar

In Waystar, follow these steps to upload and release statements prior to mailing. Note: There is a four hour window period to retract a statement file once it has been released to the printing vendor. If the window period has closed we are unable to make any changes to those statements.

  1. Navigate to Patient Tools > Print ServicesBatches.
  2. This screen displays all batches uploaded in the past three months that have not been hidden.
  3. Click Upload a New Batch. The Upload a New Document Batch box will display. 
  4. Select the Hold for Review checkbox.
  5. Enter a name in the Batch Name field.
  6. Select Choose File and locate the file to upload.
  7. Click Open to attach the file.
  8. Click the Go button.
  9. When the upload is complete, a page will display the details of the batch. Select the click here link to return to the Batches tab.
  10. The batch will display In Review in the Status column when it is finished processing.
  11. Click the number in the Total Docs column. This opens the Documents tab and displays the documents uploaded under the batch.
  12. To view a document, click Review under the Action column.
  13. When finished reviewing desired documents, select the Batches tab.
  14. To finish processing the batch, click the Release button. 

Review Image

The Reviewing Document screen shows only the raw data to be printed, so it may be reviewed for accuracy. The document can be omitted if it is incorrect, but the data cannot otherwise be manipulated.

Omit Patient Statements in Waystar

In Waystar, follow these steps to omit patient statements prior to mailing.  
  1. Once a batch has been uploaded to Waystar and it has finished processing, it displays as “in review” in the status column.
  2. Select the number in the Total Docs column. This opens the Documents screen and displays the documents uploaded under the batch.
  3. To omit an individual document, click Omit. The document's status will change from "In Review" to "Omitted."

  4. When finished omitting desired documents, select the Batches tab.
  5. To finish processing the batch, click Release.

Omit Multiple Documents Simultaneously

To mark multiple documents to be omitted simultaneously:
  1. Select the checkbox to the left of each document you want to omit. To select all documents, click Check All near the bottom of the page.

  2. Click Omit.
  3. When documents have been omitted, the Status column will change from "In Review" to "Omitted."

Documents Omitted by Mistake

If a document is omitted by mistake, the document can be reincluded in the batch prior to the batch being released. To reinclude a document:
  1. Click Include under the Action column next to the desired document.

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