Post an Insurance Refund

Let’s review how to post an insurance refund, which can also be referred to as a withholding or retraction. There are two types of insurance refunds, but they are posted the same within the application:

  • Clinic: A check was written by your clinic and sent to the insurance
  • Insurance: An EOB amount was reduced by the amount of the refund

In order to post a refund, you must be familiar with how to post payments using the Standard Payment posting type.

Posting Insurance Refunds

Once you locate the charge(s) where the payment is applied, follow the same steps you would normally follow to post an insurance payment.

  1. Locate the patient you're posting the insurance refund for.
  2. Open the Payments menu and select Batch Payments.
  3. From the Posting Type drop-down, select Standard Payment. 
  4. Enter the Deposit Date and Date of Service range. Remember, the charges might currently be open to another insurance or due by the patient. 
    1. Tip: If you're having trouble pulling up the insurance overline/overcharge, leave the Insurance drop-down set to All and check the Show All Charges box.
  5. Enter the refund amount as a negative number in the Payment Amount field.
  6. Select Refund Insurance for the Payment Code and AREF - Refund Adjustment for the Adjustment Code.                  
  7. Click Search.
  8. Enter a negative amount for each Payment field.
  9. Ensure the Adjustment column is zero. If there is a credit balance remaining, assign it to the appropriate insurance using the Transfer to Payer drop-down. 
  10. Important: For insurance overcharges, you must always leave the balance remaining out to the payer. This ensures that any future insurance overpayments will not inaccurately reflect as a patient credit.
  11. Click Save.
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