Payment Audit Summary

The Payment Audit Summary report allows you to keep track of Patient payments and how they were applied. Note:  You can use the Full Access variation of this report to see payments that were posted by the RCM staff at WebPT.
  1. Navigate to the Payments menu and select Payment Audit Summary

  2. Enter a From and Through Date and any other desired filters. Click Search.    

    • Company: Defaults to the company or practice you are logged in under.
    • Practice: Select the correct Practice from the drop-down, typically the same as Company.
    • Location: If your company has multiple locations, filter using the drop-down.
    • By: Search by Deposit Date or Posting Date.
    • From Date and Through Date: Enter a date or range of dates for what you are balancing.
    • User Type: Select if you want to search for postings by your clinic, by WebPT, or both.
    • Money Type: Select if you want to filter by Cash, Check, or Credit.
  3. The search results display showing each payment entry with the Company Name, Company Code, and Location. The Deposit Date and Posting Date also appear on each payment. Lastly, the Total Posted amount and the name of the payment poster are shown.
    1. Drilling down on the Details link will show additional details about the Money Type, the Check Number/Authorization number, and what Payment Code was used.
    2. Drilling down again on the Check Detail link (or the Deposit Detail link from the initial results) will display even granular information. In addition to the previous data, you will see the Patient's name and their Patient ID. Each entry also displays a breakdown of the payment information, including what CPT codes--if any--the payment was applied to, what insurance the payment is associated with, and what was done with the remaining balance.
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