WebPT Billing Overview

Welcome to WebPT Billing. Let’s review some key functionality of the system that will help you learn the application. 

WebPT Billing Dashboard

WebPT Billing is separated into two distinct sections:

  • Work Area 
  • Frame 

The Work Area changes based on selections made. This is where you can see the dashboard, patient records, billing information, and reports. Within the Dashboard, you’ll see Daily, Weekly, and Monthly report sections. Navigate to these reports by clicking on a specified link. For example, clicking on the Charge Review link will take you directly to the Charge Review Summary.

The Frame, also called the Persistent Area, displays elements that are always present, even when the Work Area changes. This is made up of two items:

  • Application Header 
  • Menu 

WebPT Billing Frame

Application Header

When looking at the Application Header, your name and company will be displayed. Under the header, search for a patient by their first or last name. To see more information about the company, hover over the icon.

The drop-down in the Application Header provides six options:

  • New Tab
  • Change Company
  • Manage My Account
  • Help
  • Enter Idea
  • Logout

New Tab

Use this to open a new tab in your internet browser. This makes it easier to work on multiple patients or in different parts of the application simultaneously. The system allows a total of four (4) tabs.

Change Company

If your user account has access to multiple companies, you can toggle between them here. 

Important: If you switch to a different company, all open tabs will refresh. You cannot work in multiple companies at the same time.

Manage My Account

This option allows you to click edit in the bottom right corner of the screen to update your account information like name, email, and phone number. You can also change your password if needed. Once you have updated your account information, click Save


This option closes all active windows and terminates the session.


The Menu makes up the left side of the Frame. It includes: 

  • Hide/Show
  • Dashboard
  • Patient
  • Charges
  • Billing
  • Payments
  • Denial Management
  • AR Follow-up
  • Reports
  • Admin

Live Chat

Have questions? Click the Live Chat icon in the top right corner of WebPT Billing to chat with the WebPT Billing Support team right from the application. 

The Live Chat icon will only be available when agents are online from 8:00 AM–8:00 PM PT.  If the Live Chat icon isn’t viewable, refer to your company's policy.

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