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Add Charges

While charges flow over as each Daily Note is finalized, there will be times when you need to manually add a charge into WebPT Billing. These can include:

  • Patient Late/No-Show Fee
  • Insufficient Funds Fee
  • Supplies

Add Charges

  1. Open the Charges menu and select Add Charges
  2. If needed, click the magnifying glass to find and select a patient.   
  3. If the patient has multiple cases, use the Case drop-down to select the appropriate case. Only cases that are active and are not marked as incomplete are available for selection.    

Case Information

Enter all the required information and any other pertinent details.

  1. Date of Service: Enter a date that the charges will be associated with.
  2. Pre-Authorization: If billing insurance on a case that requires authorization, use this drop-down.
  3. Billing Provider: Defaulted to the Billing Provider indicated on the case.
  4. Plan of Care: Will populate if listed on the case.
  5. Diagnosis: Use the Search box if you need to add a code. Use the checkbox and Delete button if you need to remove a code.

Charge Entry

  1. Enter the required information regarding each charge.
    1. CPT Code: This can be any code you've included in your fee schedule including custom codes.
    2. Units
    3. Amount: Auto-populates using the default amounts set in your fee schedule.
    4. Modifer 1, Modifer 2, Modifier 3: Add up to three optional modifiers.
    5. Dx(s): Defaults to all available diagnoses. At least one ICD-10 code is required.
  2. If you need to add/remove any line, use the corresponding buttons below the Charge Detail section.
  3. When you have finished entering charges, click Save at the bottom of the page. 
Charges without Documentation

In general, all patient payments should be applied in the WebPT EMR and you will not use the Save & Apply Payments in Full button on this page. An exception to that is for charges not tied to visits such as No Show/Late Cancellation fees, Supplies, and Medical Record costs. If you'd prefer to simply add the charge and collect the payment, you can use the Save & Apply Payments in Full. 

If Charges should bypass all insurances on the case and be billed directly to the patient:
  1. Navigate to Batch Adjustments.
  2. Locate the newly added charge and add an adjustment of $0.
  3. Select 0 - Patient in the Transfer to Payer drop-down.
  4. Click Save.
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