Charge Level Corrections

The Error Corrections page allows you to make corrections to information at the charge level. That means any of the information entered in the Charge Entry page or that has imported through integration can be corrected without the need to delete and re-enter the charge.

Before You Begin

Please review the Error Corrections article.

Charge Level Corrections

Any field in the Charge section can be edited except for the Total Charge. This field is grayed out to indicate that it cannot be altered. Note: The Charge Amount field can be edited, if the setting, Allow CPT Edit, is checked for each code within the Revenue Center.

  • RevServe/RevEquip Members: Your fee schedule is pre-loaded in the database and those two fields are calculated based on default charge amount entered for the procedure code. You can email to request changes to the default charge amount.
  • Self-Service Members: Update the default Charge Amount by going to Charge menu and selecting Procedure Codes. Alternatively, you can establish multiple fee schedules for your procedure codes based on insurance, provider, and location.

Rebilling a Charge Line

After you have finished making any corrections, you can also rebill the charge line by clicking the Rebill checkbox and then clicking Save.

Note: This will only rebill the individual charge, not all charges associated with this Date of Service. If the correction you made will require you to perform an additional action (i.e. paper claim with corrected billing appeal letter), you should not rebill from this screen.

Deleting a Charge

You also have the option to delete charges. Checking the Delete box will trigger a pop-up warning message to verify that this is the action you want to take. Select OK to continue.

To complete the deletion of a charge, you must click Save.

Note: You can only delete a charge that does not have any associated payments or adjustments.

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