Edit Multiple Payments

To make corrections to several charge lines at once, such as adding a check number, the Edit Payments page is your best option.

Editing Payments

  1. Open the Payments menu and select Edit Payments. 
    1. If you haven't selected a patient, you'll be asked to prior to displaying the page. 
  2. Select the Insurance associated with the payments you want to edit. You can add Deposit Dates to narrow your results.
  3. Click Search. The page displays all of the charges and payments that meet your search criteria.
  4. Make any updates needed to each payment line. Common updates include updating the payment, adjustment, or transfer amount, transferring the remainder to a different insurance or to the patient, or updating the deposit date. Make your updates and click the Save button at the bottom of the page.
    1. You'll receive a confirmation message.
  5. You can also delete payments made in error. Use the checkboxes to select the payments, and click the Delete button at the bottom of the screen.
    1. Confirm the deletion by clicking OK.
    2. You'll receive a confirmation message.

  6. Verify that the PR and CO Adjustment Qualifiers follow these requirements.
  7. Select Save.
Important: Be cautious when making changes to Deposit Dates and Payments as it may impact balancing reports. Always verify amounts after you make corrections.
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