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Location Summary Charge Stats Report

The Location Summary Charge Stats Report allows you to track charges by Providers and Assistants for each practice location. 

  1. Navigate to the Reports menu and select Location Summary Charge Stats.
  2. Enter your search criteria and click Search.
    1. The Company defaults to the company you’re currently logged into. Use the drop-down menu to select a different company, if applicable.
    2. The Location defaults to All Locations. Narrow your search results by selecting a specific location. Otherwise, you can leave these fields set to all.
    3. A Start and End date are required for the Date Range.
  3. The search results below show the summary of New Patients, Visits, and Charges for each location. This report allows you to drill down to specific stats by clicking on Provider or Assistant. For this example, let’s click on Provider. Note: Clicking on Assistant will take you to a breakdown of charge stats for each Assistant by Location.
  4. The Provider drill down displays the location charge stats by each Provider along with Charges per Visit and Units. Drill down even further by clicking on Insurance Class or Timed Units.
    1. Insurance Class: Click on Insurance Class to view a list of Insurance Class Codes along with their total charges.
    2. Timed Units: Click on Timed Units to open a summary of Timed/Untimed by Provider.

Note: With this report, you have the ability to drill down, sort, and filter information to get to the key metrics that are important. To review how, click here.
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