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WebPT Billing Ideal Technology Setup

As a cloud-based application, WebPT Billing is accessible with most Internet browsers on web-enabled devices. That said, there are some devices that are a bit more compatible than others, so depending on your equipment your experience may vary. These recommendations are for optimal performance; if your setup isn’t 100% by the book, don’t sweat it. WebPT Billing will likely work just fine.

Internet Speed 

WebPT Billing is a data-intensive application. For optimal performance, we recommend an average Internet connection speed of:

  • Ideal Download Speed: at least 25 Mbps (megabits per second)
  • Ideal Upload Speed: at least 2 Mbps upload for the average-sized clinic (5-10 users, not including a guest wi-fi network)

For larger clinics, please consult your Internet Service Provider (ISP) or IT professional for a recommendation. The faster, the better—especially if your clinic tends to run reports for large time ranges.

The bare minimum Internet connection speeds are 10 Mbps download and 1 Mbps upload. To verify your Internet speed,  check out this free speed test.

Wireless Connectivity 

WebPT applications generally work fine with most modern wireless routers (Wireless “N” or “AC”). Please confirm with your Internet Service Provider which type of router and access points can handle your clinic’s web traffic. The more Internet users you have, the higher the quality and/or quantity of access points you’ll need.

Hardware and Software for PCs

To experience optimal functionality in WebPT Billing, your machine should: 

  • Operate on Windows 7 or newer (preferably Windows 10) with 8GB of RAM. (4GB will work, but you may experience slowness if you attempt to run more than one program)
  • Have a hard drive with at least 500GB of space and 7200 RPM.  (Preferably a Solid State Drive at least 128GB)
  • Feature a monitor at least 20” wide (to cut down on eye strain). 24” or higher is ideal.
  • For screen resolution, we recommend a minimum of 1366 x 768 pixels, though 1920 x 1080 is ideal.
  • We recommend using Google Chrome with WebPT Billing at this time, though if you’re using another browser successfully with the WebPT EMR (like Internet Explorer), it will likely work just fine with Billing, too. As good maintenance regardless of the one you use, keep your browser updated to the most recent version whenever possible. 
  • For antivirus software, we’re partial to Windows Security, which is included with Microsoft Windows 10 and 11. Kaspersky and McAfee tend to have issues with the WebPT EMR.

Hardware and Software for Macintosh 

WebPT Billing should work fine on any current model because they all meet our recommended standards of 4GB RAM and 500GB of disk space. Also, any large application could get a little laggy on older operating systems, so make sure your machine is running on OS X 10.9 Mavericks or later. When it comes to Internet browsers, we like the most current version of Firefox or Google Chrome.


  • Windows: We give two thumbs up to the Microsoft Surface PRO 3 and higher. For other Windows Tablets, please refer to our recommended specifications listed above for the best experience.
  • iPad:* We recommend the 32GB iPad Air. (ideal: iPad Pro 12.9”) We don't currently recommend using the iPad 3G or 4G network connection. While these devices are widely popular and efficient, please keep in mind, iPad browsers function on a mobile platform which limits your screen resolution to 768 x 1024 while web Browsing.  (12.9” iPad Pro Boasts 1024 x 1366)
  • Android:* With Android devices, they tend to become obsolete at a high rate and typically do not have the processing power to perform efficiently. Like iPads, their browsers work off of a mobile device platform similar to a smartphone.
  • Chromebooks:** while we don’t necessarily discourage the use of a particular device, these devices do pose challenges within Billing. Simple tasks tend to function just fine.  It’s when you get into the more involved tasks that these challenges will surface.

*iPads & Android Devices work off of a mobile device platform, just like your iPhone or Smartphone

**Chromebooks were designed primarily for checking email and simple web browsing. For that reason we do not recommend data-heavy compilations on these machines.

Browser Usage


The WebPT Billing application uses cookies. If a user disables cookies, the user will not be able to log in. For the application to function properly with cookies disabled, the user must add the WebPT Billing application URL as a trusted site within the browser configuration settings.

Browser Cache

For the application to function properly, the user's browser should be set to check for newer versions of cached pages automatically. This prevents errors related to outdated cached information.

Pop-up Blocker

Because WebPT Billing sometimes uses pop-ups, users may need to disable their pop-up blockers.

Multiple Tabs

  • Due to possible issues with auto-save functionality, we do not recommend having multiple WebPT application tabs open at the same time. 
  • We also do not recommend simultaneously working within different sessions across different browsers.
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