WebPT Billing: RevServe Training Courses

This comprehensive onboarding program is designed to provide a complete introduction of WebPT Billing for RevServe Members through about 3 hours of coursework. Click the name of each course to open the course in the WebPT University.

The program consists of 3 courses:

  1. RevServe Platform Onboarding
  2. Billing Packets
  3. Analytics 101

Click each course title to open the WebPT University course.

RevServe Platform Onboarding (130 min)

Audience: Billing users

  • System Overview (10 minutes): This module shows you how to log in and out of the system, basic navigation, and provides an understanding of how to use reports.
  • Data Integrity - Patient Information (10 minutes): This module reviews how to add and manage patients in the EMR to ensure proper data flow. 
  • Data Integrity - Documentation (10 minutes): Review how to manage key items such as authorizations, custom CPT codes, and addendums in the EMR to ensure proper data flow.
  • Claim Transmissions (10 minutes): In this module, you'll review WebPT EMR's Missed Notes Report and Claims Feed Report, and how to balance visits between WebPT EMR and WebPT Billing. 
  • Patient Payments (10 minutes): Review the patient payment settings, collection workflow, and balancing payments between the systems.
  • Billing Exceptions (15 minutes): Learn how to resolve common billing exceptions.
  • Patient Account Overview (15 minutes): Search for a patient, navigate the Patient Account page, and troubleshoot patient accounts and charges.
  • Billing Claims (10 minutes): In this module, you'll learn how to review unbilled charges, this includes using the Charge Review worklist and the Delayed Claims worklist.
  • Manual Charges (10 minutes): This module covers how to manually add, edit, and delete charges in WebPT Billing. 
  • Add Users (10 minutes): Review how to create WebPT Billing users.

Billing Packets (10 min)

Audience: Billing users

  • Installing FileZilla (2 min): Follow the instructions to install FileZilla on your computer.
  • FileZilla Account Setup (2 min): Enter the credentials provided by your Onboarding Specialists to establish your FileZilla account connection.
  • Create Your Billing Packets (4 min): Learn how to build your billing packets.
  • Upload Billing Packets to FileZilla (2 min): Send your billing packets to your RCM service team for processing.

Analytics 101 (45 min)

Audience: Any users who need to view financial or month-end reports

  • Accessing Analytics: Learn how to access Analytics and customize report permissions
  • Running EMR Reports: Explore the top 5 EMR reports
  • Running Billing Reports: Explore the top 7 Billing reports
  • Analytics Data Integrity: Identify EMR and Billing workflows that impact Analytics reporting (i.e. NORCM, Inactivating Patients, etc.)
  • KPIs and Admin Functions: Review the KPI dashboard, comparison charts, and benchmarking data. 
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