Change Healthcare Processed Claims Report

The Processed Claims report shows which accounts are rejecting the most often. You’ll also be able to confirm if the error is something that can be addressed within the application (i.e. entering IDs or zip codes correctly) or if it’s something that needs to be handled by contacting the payer directly. 

We recommend checking this report often (at least weekly) so that you can stay on top of your rejections and quickly resolve any workflow-based issues. 

  1. Log into Change Healthcare
  2. Open the Reporting and Metrics menu.
  3. Next, choose Processed Claims Report.
  4. Enter the date range in the Processed Date fields. We recommend running this report for the previous week.
  5. Enter the Tax ID (no dashes) into the Provider Tax ID(s) field, then click Get Report.
  6. You can sort results by CH Rejected Count or Payer Rejected Count. This will help you identify which payers have the most rejections.
    1. CH Rejected Count
    2. Payer Rejected Count
  7. Click on the Rejected # column to view the rejects for the clearinghouse or the Payer Rej # column to view the rejected claims from the payer.
  8. In the popup window, you can click on Show All Rejection Messages to view more details. You can also Export with or without messages.
  9. The rejection messages display.
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