Charges for the Newly Imported (Delayed Claims)

The following process is for Self-Service Members. RevServe/RevEquip Members, please email to add new procedure codes.

Charges held for the Charges for the Newly Imported delay reason contain procedure codes that are not part of your company fee schedule. These procedure codes were added to the note by the therapist and do not match any of the codes already in WebPT Billing. Dates of Service with a related ZZZZZ procedure code will not bill. The entire visit will be held until the Z code is either updated or deleted from Error Corrections, so it's crucial that you work this delay reason often.

Why do these procedure codes not appear on the Incomplete Constants report?

The Incomplete Constants report contains codes that already existed on the Procedure Codes page prior to the code importing from the patient’s note in the EMR. Because this report only shows codes that are already part of your fee schedule, but are incomplete for some reason ( see full details here), you won’t see codes that the system has not seen before. These exclusively appear on the Charges for the Newly Imported delay list. 

Locate the Delayed Claims

  1. Open Billing and select Delayed Claims.
  2. From the Claim Delay Reason drop-down, choose Charges for Newly Imported.
  3. Click Search.
  4. Click on the Delay Reason to open the list of delayed charges by patient and CPT Code.
  5. Next, let’s identify the code. Scroll to the CPT Code column. All unrecognized codes import with a Z placeholder. Copy the code you want to identify.
  6. Open a new tab. From the Charges menu, select Procedure Codes.
  7. Enter the Z code into the Procedure Code field and click Search.
  8. The Alternate Procedure Code field is the code entered by the Therapist on the note in the WebPT EMR.
  9. Now you have a decision to make.
    1. Option 1: Do you want to keep the code and add it to the fee schedule?
    2. Option 2: Do you want to delete the code and have the therapist bill a different code?

Option 1: Keep the code, add it to the fee schedule

There are a few steps required to update the CPT Code and ensure the correct charge amount bills. 

  1. From the Procedure Codes page, use the search to locate the Z code you want to add to your fee schedule.
  2. Double-click on the code.
  3. Copy the Alternate Procedure Code into the Procedure Code field, replacing the Z code.
  4. Next, complete all required fields. You can view full field definitions here. Click Save.
  5. Next, open Payments and select Error Corrections.
    1. If the patient with the Z code isn’t already open, use the magnifying glass to pull up their account.
  6. Enter the Date of Service range, then click Search.
  7. Click on the Charge ID related to the Z code.
  8. In the Transaction Edits section, we can see that there is no CPT Code or Charge Amount related to the Z code. 
  9. Click on the Magnifying glass in the CPT Code box.
  10. Locate the newly added procedure code using the available search fields. 
  11. Double-click on the code to select it. 
  12. We can see that the code and related charge have populated. Click Save. 
  13. On the main Error Corrections page, verify that the appropriate code and charge have also populated. 
  14. You'll need to complete the Error Corrections process (Steps 5-13) for each Patient and Charge ID associated with the former Z code.

Option 2: Remove the code through addendum, delete the code in Error Corrections. 

  1. Complete an addendum on the note in the WebPT EMR to remove the code. 
    1. SOAP 1.0: Please use the Finalize & Rebill option 
    2. SOAP 2.0: Please select Yes for the question "Do you want to re-bill this note?"
  2. Next, navigate to the Payments menu and open the Error Corrections.
  3. Enter the related Date of Service range and click Search
    1. If the patient with the Z code isn’t already open, use the magnifying glass to pull up their account.
  4. Click on the Charge ID for the Z code. 
  5. Scroll to the CPT Code field. Click on the magnifying glass icon to search for and select any CPT code (it doesn't matter which code, this field simply cannot be blank). 
  6.  Next, scroll back to the beginning of the charge line. Click on the Delete checkbox.
  7. Click OK on the confirmation popup.
  8. Click Save. 
  9. The charge has been successfully deleted. 
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