RevServe: Upgrading to WebPT Billing

WebPT Billing is a fresh take on our RevFlow software, bringing you the benefits of a modern browser experience and upgraded workflows. In this article, we'll outline a few key differences and provide resources to help you get up to speed with Billing quickly.

Upgraded Browsing

  • Because WebPT Billing is built on a modern interface, we recommend using Chrome, Firefox, or Safari to access the platform. 
  • You can easily return to a previous page using the browser arrows.

Key Differences

  • Set up Single Sign-On (SSO) with the WebPT EMR and Billing platforms to streamline your login process. 
  • Reporting will now be accessible through WebPT Analytics and within the Reports section of your WebPT BIlling platform. You can access Analytics through the WebPT EMR directly or from WebPT Billing if SSO has been set up.
    • Get up and running with Analytics in 45 minutes or less with Analytics 101 in the WebPT University. 
  • We have a brand new knowledge base, with detailed information about WebPT Billing.

Important Menu Updates


  • Tasking: Tasking has been completely reimagined to sit between the WebPT EMR and Billing, allowing higher degrees of collaboration.
  • Single Sign-On: Keep in mind, you must set up SSO first through the EMR. Then, when you click Billing from the EMR, you'll be able to open Billing, where you’ll see an EMR icon at the top to return to the EMR. 
  • Reports: You can now access your reports in WebPT Billing and/or Analytics. If you do not see a certain report please contact and follow the steps here.


How do I log in? Has my password or username changed?

Great news! You’ll use the same password and username you did to log into RevFlow as you will for WebPT Billing, it has not changed. Log into WebPT Billing at:

What is Single Sign-On? Do I need it?

Single Sign-On (SSO) is a feature that pairs your EMR login and Analytics with your Billing login. Setting it up only requires entering your EMR login and password and your billing login and password one time. Click here to see how. After you set it up, you’ll be able to navigate more easily between EMR & Billing and only need to remember one login and password. In order to use WebPT Tasking, you do need to set up SSO.

What browser/computer do I have to use?

Any browser or computer you like! However, we recommend a modern browser like Google Chrome or Firefox.

How do I find [RevFlow page/report] in WebPT Billing?

Use our RevFlow to WebPT Billing Crosswalk.

Where is Tasking?

Tasking has been upgraded! After you set up Single Sign-On, click here to see how to use the new Tasking feature.

How do I do an addendum on a note that was completed in RevFlow EMR?

Your RevFlow EMR documents will be available in WebPT Billing in PDF format. If you need to addend one of these notes, you’ll need to print it out, write in your addendum, sign, and upload to the patient’s WebPT EMR eDocs. Then, make any needed manual adjustments to the charges directly in WebPT Billing or email your WebPT RCM team.

What about Account & Sticky notes?

Account and Sticky Notes are supported in WebPT Billing. Click here to learn more.

How do I use “Favorites” or where have my “Favorites” gone?

“Favorites” has been replaced by the WebPT Billing Dashboard which is the first page you see when you log in at The Dashboard contains shortcuts to each page you need to access to complete your daily and weekly workflows. Additionally, you can now simply use your browser’s “Bookmark” function to save your favorite WebPT Billing pages.

Am I allowed to use the browser’s back, forward, refresh buttons now?

Yes! The use of these functions was limited by RevFlow’s older platform, Silverlight. Since you can now use WebPT Billing with any modern browser or operating system, you can take advantage of all normal browser functions like back, forward, refresh, bookmarking, etc.

Why did you get rid of RevFlow?

RevFlow was running on Microsoft Silverlight which Microsoft stopped supporting in October 2021. 

What if this article doesn’t answer my question?

Utilize Live Chat (when logged into WebPT Billing, click the Live Chat icon at the top right), email, or give us a call at 866-221-1870.

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