What's in the Works for WebPT Billing?

Looking to find out what's coming down the pipeline for WebPT Billing? You're in the right place! 

The following items are in various stages of finalization (i.e., some are currently being tested, while others are still being created). This page will be updated so you're informed and help you plan for upcoming new and exciting product changes. Please note that new functionality released will continue to be posted on the Release Notes page

We strive to update this page every Tuesday by 6:00 PM PT. 


No upcoming new releases - check back next week!


Updated Account Notes: The process for adding Account Notes in WebPT Billing will take less clicks and has been simplified for Members. Early access is slated for late March, 2022 and full release is TBD.

Updated the Batch Claims New Run Screen: The Batch Claims-Schedule New Run screen has now been updated with the following : 

  • Company and Payer Group have been re-arranged so that you choose the Company first and then select the Payer Group.
  • If your access displays 'Show Pending', it will now display 'Show Pending Format'
  • The Update Status checkbox now defaults to unchecked
  • The Create Claim File choice has been updated to 'Create Live Claim File' and will continue to create the claim file as before

Full release is TBD.

Updated the Batch Claims Search Results Section: Members will see the following changes in the Batch Claims Search result section:

  • the Update Charge Status column now displays 'Yes' or ‘No’ instead of 'true' or ‘false’
  • Members with Admin permissions will now be able to view a new Run Type column  which will display either ‘Live’ or ‘Test’. ‘Live’ will appear when Members select 'Create Claim File' or 'Create Live Claim File' in the Create Claim File option on Schedule New Run. ‘Test’ will appear when Members select 'Create Test Claim File' was selected in the Create Claim File option on Schedule New Run.
  • A Pending and Version column have now been added to assist with troubleshooting questions

Full release is TBD.

Defects Corrected:

  • Previously, there was a Fax Checked Reports button in the Medical Record section of the Patient Record - however faxing does not exist in WebPT Billing. This issue has been resolved and now the Fax Checked Reports button has been removed. Full release is TBD.

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