Update Patient Statement Information

The following article applies to Self-Service Members. If you would like to update the information that populates on the patient statements and you are a RevEquip Member, please email revequip@webpt.com. If you are a RevServe member, please email edi.help@webpt.com.

You can update patient statement information from the Company or Locations pages (depending on how you've chosen to set up your statements). Then, you'll need to reach out to Support to ensure the changes are also made in Waystar (depending on the information you've updated).

Updates that require Waystar notification
  • Company or Location Name
  • Return Address
  • Payment Phone Number
  • Credit Card Details

After you've completed these updates, please reach out to webptbillingsupport@webpt.com and provide them with the updated statement information so that they can create a ticket for Waystar. If Waystar is not notified of these changes, the file will error out when you go to upload it.

Updates that do not require Waystar notification
  • Statement Notes
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