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Monthly Collections by Deposit Date

View the total amount of patient and insurance payments collected by company for the chosen date range. This report reflects transactions posted through the previous day. This is not a month-end report and contains dynamic data. 

  1. Navigate to the Reports menu and select Monthly Collections by Deposit Date.
  2. To run the report, enter in your From Date, Through Date, and select a Parent Company. This defaults to all companies you have access to. Click Search.
  3. Your results show the companies you have access to and the total amount of payments collected.
    1. Payments: This includes all patient and insurance payments collected during the date range. 
    2. Latest Deposit: This is the date the most recent payment was collected/deposited. Remember, this shows information through the previous day, so you won't see today's date on this report.
Note: With this report, you have the ability to drill down, sort, and filter information to get to the key metrics that are important. Click here to review how.
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