Edit a Patient's Case

While we recommend editing cases in the WebPT EMR to ensure data and billing consistency, there are some circumstances where a case needs to be edited in WebPT Billing. 

Some common reasons you’ll need to edit a case in Billing include: 

  1. An incorrect subscriber ID was manually updated in WebPT Billing and the charges need to be rebilled. 
  2. The patient case was discharged and the Discharge Date needs to be added to the case. 

Edit Case

Let's review how to edit a patient's case.

  1. Open the patient’s account and click on Cases.
  2. Double-click on the case you need to edit.
  3. Click Edit Case in the bottom-right corner.
  4. Make your updates.
    Note: The Delete button only deletes newly added authorization lines during the current edit. If an authorization has been entered and saved, it can only be inactivated, not deleted.
  5. When complete with your updates, it is important that you choose the appropriate Save option. 
    1. Save & Rebill: This option will save any update made to the case and place all previously billed charges back into "D" status. These charges will automatically be rebilled to the insurance. This option is useful if charges were submitted previously with incorrect information and must be rebilled for possible reimbursement. If you are adding an authorization for unbilled charges, this option should not be selected. Note: This button is not available to users with the Customer user type.
    2. Save: Selecting this option saves any updates you made to the case. This is useful if you are simply adding or updating information that does not require previous charges to be rebilled, such as including a Discharge Date or adding a new authorization. Note: If an authorization has been added to the case, you will receive a Preauthorization popup window that shows the dates of service the authorization was automatically attached to based on the effective date range and the available visits or units. These charges will be placed into "D" status and will bill that night. This only applies to primary authorizations.
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